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When You Can’t Get to the Groomer, You Can Get the Groomer to Come to You

When it’s time to groom the dog, many owners will simply call a groomer, make an appointment, and then get the dog over to the groomer. In today’s busy world, getting the dog over to the groomer on time is often a logistical nightmare.

Then you also have to consider the fact that there are dogs that simply do not like to travel by car, and some will literally destroy the upholstery because of the anxiety they feel. Other dogs do not like to be in unfamiliar surroundings, and they can get really nervous and skittish.

Different dogs react to different situations in different ways, and you really have to consider what’s best for your dog. You also have to consider whether the most effective, least time consuming way to get your dog groomed is to take your dog to the groomer.

If you are the type of person who is always on the go, or if your dog is particularly nervous or skittish, or if your dog will not travel in the car without trying to destroy it, then there is the option of calling the groomer and letting the groomer come to you.

Mobile dog grooming is growing in popularity because they save you the hassle of having to drive your dog half way across town to the only groomer that your dog likes. It can also save you time, and this results in an actual saving that can compensate for what you will spend on the mobile groomer.

You won’t have to drive, which is time and money saved. You can do other things, and you can be productive while the groomer is busy with your dog rather than having to wait around until the groomer is done with your dog. Since you will be making productive use of time you would otherwise waste, it turns into real savings.

Of course, you can always drop off the dog, and then drive to the groomer again to pick your dog up, but you will be wasting even more time, gas, and money. Additionally, if you drive away, you can’t check up from time to time on what the groomer is actually doing to your dog, and whether your dog is actually enjoying the grooming.

If the groomer comes to you, your dog will be in familiar surroundings, which will make your dog much more relaxed and more likely to enjoy his bath, clipping, brushing, combing, etc. This is something that many dog owners don’t take into consideration, but it is actually something that all dog owners should really think about.

After all, you should be asking yourself whether you are doing what’s best for your dog, and whether your dog is enjoying it. Grooming is essential for your dog’s health and well-being, and a great grooming will make your dog look much more attractive, and it will make your dog feel much better.

The best thing that you can do for your dog is to find and experienced mobile dog groomer, someone who knows all about the different breeds and what their particular grooming needs are. Once you find the right groomer for your dog, you will see a marked difference in how much your dog actually enjoys a wonderful grooming experience.

That’s what you want for your dog, of course, and you should call the preferred Los Angeles mobile dog grooming service to come out and take care of your dog. At Dog Fountain Mobile Dog Grooming, we know dogs, and we can give your dog the grooming experience that he or she deserves.

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Acting Dogs – Get Your Dog Looking Like a Million Bucks Before Going to Casting Calls and Auditions

There are certain things that all acting dogs have in common: They are all well-trained, people friendly, socialized, and they are comfortable on a set. This means that the dog is comfortable around strangers, new things and new situations.We have all seen how marketing campaigns have taken off by using the right dog in the right situation. Spuds Mckenzie made Bud Light cool to drink, and Bull Terriers were the hot breed for a while. The Taco Bell Chihuahua was actually three dogs: Gidget, Taco, and Dinky, who was actually the original Taco Bell Chihuahua, but later did stands ins for Gidget, along with Taco.There was another Bull Terrier that was used by Target to advertise the franchise. There are not too many people who can forget the Target bulls eye painted on the all white dog. The original Bull Terrier used for the commercial was a dog named Smudgie.There are other examples of acting dogs in movies, like the St. Bernards used in the Beethoven movies or the hundreds of Dalmatians used in the movie 101 Dalmatians. The Brussels Griffon in the movie As Good as it Gets almost stole the show, even though Helen Hunt and Jack Nicholson both won an Oscar for their roles.There have been countless examples of dogs in ads, television and movies, but the one constant remains. They were well-mannered, well-trained, and truly enjoyed being around people.If you think that you have a dog that has what it takes to be in show biz, you might want to start by getting your dog to look the part. An expert groomer can get your dog looking the best that it can so that you can start going to auditions and showing it off.Acting dogs require more grooming than simple family pets because your dog will be remembered by everyone who watches the show or commercial, or anyone who sees the advertising. If your dog is going to be seen regularly, then it is always going to have to look its best.When you are ready to launch your pet into show business, but before you start going to auditions, pay a call to the expert groomers at Mobile Dog We are the preferred Los Angeles dog grooming service. Get your lovable dog ready for its next casting by looking beautiful and feeling great, and the best part is that we will come to you.

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