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Best Dog Groomer in town!
Julia L. Hollywood, ca -
Apr 4, 2013

Been using dog fountain mobile grooming for years now and I can tell you not only are they the best at what they do they also become part of your family. My little Anne “yorkie” is like my daughter and I ...

Best groomer ever!
CrinaP‎ - Sep 10, 2008
Top Groomer Rating
I have to agree with previous reviews. I had an injury on my left foot and could not wash my dog. So I was searching for a good place to take my dog for a bath and I found " The ...‎

Awesome job!...‎
yvonnehuang‎ - Jan 8, 2008
Top Groomer Rating
Sal was wonderful with our 75 lb American Bulldog, Zoe. She went to Sal all dirty and smelly and came back super clean and smelling great. Sal showed up on a moment's notice and ...‎

‎Outstanding Groomer
susanmy‎ - Aug 3, 2007
Top Groomer Rating
Sal gave Bindi, my Mi-Ki, a beautiful clip. Mi-Kis are a rare breed & their clip style is not usually known so I had some pictures I printed off the Internet. ...‎‎

Best mobile pet groomer around!!!!!!!!!!!‎‎
erisop‎ - Jul 11, 2007
Top Groomer Rating
We have tried serveral mobile pet groomers over the years and none of them have come close to the Dog Fountain. Sal gives unbelievable styles. He books me quickly. ...‎

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At Dog Fountain Mobile Dog Grooming, our rates are based on several factors:

  • The average time required to groom your dog
  • Your dog’s personality and temperament
  • Your dog’s total weight
  • The breed of your dog

In addition, our rates are computed based upon the length of time since your pet’s last grooming session. If your dog has been groomed on a consistent, recommended schedule (1-6 weeks), this is ideal and falls within our normal rate schedule. However, if it has been more than six weeks since your dog’s last grooming, there may be additional charges.

The “Martini” Spa Treatment

  1. Soothing bath with organic, all-natural shampoo and conditioner
  2. Thorough, gentle ear cleaning
  3. Careful pedicure
  4. Refreshing hand fluff drying
  5. Thorough, beautifying coat brush out

The All-Natural “Ocean Spa and Wellness” Treatment

  1. 1. Stylish hair trim and shape, as desired
  2. Soothing bath with organic, all-natural shampoo and conditioner
  3. Refreshing hand fluff drying
  4. Delicate eye treatment
  5. Pleasing oral treatment
  6. Careful pedicure
  7. Thorough, beautifying 15-minute coat brush out and dematting

The “South Beach Skin Spa and Deep Pore Cleansing” Treatment

  1. Soothing bath including our best organic, all-natural re-moisturizing shampoo with aloe – gently applied as a hot oil treatment, for penetration into the hard-to-reach areas of your pet’s fur.
  2. Stylish hair trim and shape, as desired
  3. Soothing bath with organic, all-natural shampoo and conditioner
  4. Refreshing hand fluff drying
  5. Delicate eye treatment
  6. Pleasing oral treatment
  7. Careful pedicure
  8. Saturating flea treatment with Frontline or Advantage—your choice!

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